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According to the international art magazine Art Radar, Mongolia Pavilion is in the list of the “top 10 national highlights” that stand out among countries from Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. 


Other countries that are on the list are Egypt, Israel, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Georgia, China and the Philippines. 

Art Radar writes: 

“The Mongolian Pavilion marks the country’s first participation at the Biennale. Curated by Dr. Uranchimeg Tsultem and commissioned by Ms. Gantuya Badamgarav of the Mongolian Contemporary Art Support Association (MCASA), the presentation consists of a sedentary pavilion featuring the work of Unen Enkh (b. 1958) and Enkhbold Togmidshiirev (b. 1978), as well as a nomadic pavilion with Enkhbold’s performances presented at designated public spaces around Venice. The exhibition explores modern-day mobility and displacement, questioning notions of home and humans’ relationship with nature. 

The materials used are natural organic products from the Mongolian nomadic tradition, such as felt, horsehair, horse dung, leather and wood. Enkh’s sculptures are assemblages of natural materials with metal wires, hanging from the ceiling or lying on the floor, some recalling familiar shapes such as that of a megaphone. 

Enkhbold challenges the traditional medium of painting, creating sculptural panels that look like movable walls or slabs of weathered concrete. A video shows Enkhbold’s performances, which depict the artist questioning the division between urban forms and his nature-based ‘ger’ or yurt, the traditional Mongolian tent-like mobile home. “


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