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Unen Enkh (Mongolia Pavilion)

A point driven home too by Unen Enkh and Enkhbold Togmidshiirev, both of whom draw on the strong material associations of Mongolia’s pastoral heritage, deploying felt, animal skin, horsehair and dung, as well as a building tradition of spare, lightweight structures in their work. For Enkh, these come together in elegant, organic sculptures that perch on spindly legs or hang from near-invisible hairs. Rejecting the safe confines of his nation’s first Venice pavilion, Togmidshiirev will instead carry his ger (yurt) with him as a nomadic pavilion to be erected as a home and personal performance site in the city’s public spaces. A spectacle that should, if nothing else, give the self-pitying ‘nomads’ of the artworld pause.


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