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The National Pavilion of Mongolia Lost in Tngri (Lost in Heaven) is officially open now. On 11 May, 2017 at 10 morning, the inauguration of the Pavilion held at Istituto Santa Maria della Pietà, Castello, Venice, Italy, with the presence of around 70 guests, including Ts.Jambaldorj, Ambassador of Mongolia in Rome, Sh.Ankhmaa, Deputy Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City, E.Gankhuu, Head of Financial and Treasury Department of Ulaanbaatar City Government, J.Damdintseren, Head of Arts and Culture Department of Ulaanbaatar City, Matthew Tietelbaum, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (MFA), Tessa Jackson, OBE, Former Director of International Institute of Contemporary Art, London and others. It is the second Mongolia participation in this highly ranked visual art event. Mongolian Contemporary Art Support Association, chaired by its Founding Director Gantuya Badamgarav, initiated and organized both 2015 and 2017 participation.

Participants: Chimeddorj Shagdarjav, Munkhbolor Ganbold, Enkhtaivan Ochirbat, Bolortuvshin Jargalsaikhan, Davaajargal Tsaschikher

Curator: Dalkh-Ochir Yondonjunai

Commissioner: Munkh-Orgil Tsend, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Project

Director: Gantuya Badamgarav

Artistic Advisor: Tessa Jackson

Supporters in Europe: Embassy of Mongolia in Rome and Venice, Valorizzazioni Culturali and Arte Communications

Sponsors: MIAT – Mongolian Airlines, Xac Bank, Erel Group, Swiss Agency for International Development, Monnis Group, Max Group, Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar LLC, Monre Insurance, Mahoney Liotta, Bats Urguu, Ard Insurance and other private entities and individuals

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