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Friday 10 May, 9 pm

A Temporality

Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi

The Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi hosts Temporality, an interactive sound performance by Carsten Nicolai, aka Alva Noto, and Mongolian throat singers.

The idea for this project is based on throat singing tradition, which have been practiced for centuries by Mongolian nomadsas a way to communicate with their inner selves and nature, where sounds differed depending on the environment and evolved minds, bodies and spirits of people emitting them. This unique traditional art was inscribed as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2010.

A Temporality aims to transform and translate this distinct and complex form of oral tradition into contemporary art, with the participation of renowned German artist Carsten Nicolai, aka Alva Noto and throat singers Ashit Nergui, Damdin Khadkhuu, Davaasuren Damjin, Undarmaa Altangerel and Justin A Kennedy.

The project is curated by Gantuya Badamgarav and Carsten Nicolai and is a part of the program presented by the Mongolia Pavilion at 58th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

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