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Mongolia Pavilion

A Temporality, Jantsankhorol Erdenebayar (Jantsa), with traditional Mongolian throat singers and Carsten Nikolai AKA Alva Noto

Venue: Calle dell Forno, Castello

The dark alleyway of Calle del Forno that leads to the cavernous space of a former bakery sets the tone for the low, guttural sounds that await you in this pavilion. Mongolian throat singing is a hugely complicated technique that takes decades to master. It allows the singer to produce multiple sounds at once: a low constant drone as well as higher notes. Here, the ancient practice has been given a contemporary twist thanks to the German artist and musician Carsten Nikolai, also known as Alva Noto. Imposing black sculptures by the Los Angeles-based, Mongolian artist Jantsankhorol Erdenebayar are dotted throughout the pavilion. Great art comes from the heart, but— it turns out—it works just as well coming from the throat.


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