Born in 1979, ASHIT NERGUI is perhaps Mongolia’s foremost and internationally recognized throat singer. Ashit holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the Cultural Institute of Mongolia as a Music Teacher, a Master’s Degree from the National University of Mongolia in Mongolian Music and has completed his training as a throat singer under the tutelage of famous Mongolian throat singers D.Sundui and D.Ganbold prior to universities formally offering courses in throat singing.

After graduating from the Cultural Institute of Mongolia in 1999, he has since worked as a throat singer and morin khuur (horse fiddle) player at the State Morin Khuur Ensemble and the Mongolian State Philharmonic.

N. Ashit has released over 20 albums between 2002-2017, featuring both Mongolian and foreign artists as well as the melodies of throat singing and the morin khuur.

Since his professional debut, N.Ashit has performed throat singing and morin khuur at some of the most famous and prestigious professional stages within over 40 countries, such as Carnegie Hall in New York, the Musikverein Golden Hall in Vienna, the Acropolis in Rome, the San Giovanni Maggiore in Naples, the Amphi Theotron in Paris, the NHK Hall in Osaka, the UNESCO Halls in Geneva and New York, the grand Theatre in Moscow, the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, with the national Ensemble of South Korea, with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, at the Chinese National Concert Hall, with the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, and many more in Mongolia, the United States, and Switzerland.