Born in 1982, artist BOLORTUVSHIN JARGALSAIKHAN (BOKU) is a graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts at Mongolian University of Arts and Culture, majoring in scenography. She recently went on a journey across a remote part of Mongolia and discovered the devastation left by unregulated mining and widespread environmental pollution. In Raped (2016) she asks, “Why are we raping Mother Nature?” She uses her lens to express deep anger and outrage. In drawing attention to what is happening she articulates feelings of immense pain. “It feels like parts of my body are falling apart” and compares it to the “inevitability of losing something that is dear to you”. Bolortuvshin works with paint, performance and video having worked as an artist and stage designer. She has participated in numerous international residencies over the years and exhibited in South Korea, China, Singapore and the Shanghai Biennial. Yet her work remains strongly Mongolian in spirit; she continually moves between her relationship to the physical world and her emotional response to man’s ignorance and impact upon it.