GANTUYA BADAMGARAV is the first Commissioner of Mongolia Pavilion at the 56th Venice Art Biennale and holds an MA in macro-economic policy from Wiliams College, MA, USA. Fo11owing her passion, she quit her successful career and estab1ished 976 Art Gallery and Mongolian Contemporary Art Support Association in 2012.

Given limited resources and risk, Gana worked actively to support contemporary art in Mongolia; united organizations and people to channel their resources and passion. To increase international visibility of Mongolian contemporary art, she had put forward ambitious goals; initiated and organized the first and second Mongolia participations in 56th and 57th La Biennale di Venezia and partnered with Documenta 14 and other important international exhibitions to involve Mongolian artists.

Gana also has accumulated an significant experience of working as a curator with international artists and organizations, such as with Maria Rebecca Ballestra (Italy) for her research trip in the Gobi Desert, for the Taiwanese-Mongolian exhibition In/Is Land at the Kuandu Musuem of Fine Arts in Taipei, with Nathalie Daoust (Canada) for the exhibition China Do11s at Art Space 976, with Dias & Riedweg for the project Nomad Spirit in Mongolia and the exhibition Urban Implosion at the Asia Culture Centre in Gwangju, South Korea, as well as over 50 exhibitions domestically.

She was invited to 8 World Summit for Arts and Culture in Ma1ta 2016 and Culture Summit Abu Dhabi 2018 to speak about her experience of supporting contemporary art during the time of budget deficit. She is one of the authors of daybook, published by Documenta 14.