Born in 1988, DAMDIN KHADKHUU is one of Mongolia’s most multi-talented throat singers and performers. He graduated from the State University of Arts and Culture of Mongolia with a degree in Morin Khuur (horse fiddle) and as a music teacher. Damdin continued to learn the horse fiddle under the renowned performer B.Erdenebayar.

After graduating, Damdin worked in various institutions and ensembles, including the Tumen Ekh Ensemble and the State National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble as a Morin Khuurist and Khoomei throat singer and as a concert maestro teacher at the State University of Arts and Culture.

Since 2OO7, Damdin has professionally performed throat singing and playing the morin khuur and many noted and prestigious stages and festivals, such as the National Folk Song Festival in China where he won the grad Prix Prize, throughout Inner Mongolia on the occasion of the 2OO8 Beijing Olympics, the Tokyo International Tourism Festival, the Lunar New Year People’s Folk Art Performance with the band Burte, at the Sakha Theatre in Yakutsk, Russia, in Singapore and Japan, at the 2O15 Milan Festival, at the election of the UN Human Rights Council in New York, in New Delhi on the occasion of the 5Oth Anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Mongolia, and at the Emitt festival held in Istanbul.

In recognition of his merits, Damdin has been awarded the Young Leader Gold Medal by the Dundgovi Province and a Certificate of Merit and Leading Cultural Worker of Mongolia by the Mongolian government.