DAVAAJARGAL TSASCHIKHER (also known as Davaa) was born in 1988 and is a sound artist and the lead singer of the famous Mongolian ethnic Rock band Mohanik. Davaa joined the contemporary art movement Human-Nature-Love-Freedom in 2013. In only 4 years of pursuing his artistic career, he became one of the most influential and well-known sound artists of Mongolia. He collaborated not only with artists from Human-Nature-Love-Freedom, but also with other Mongolian artists, including T.Enkhbold, the participant of Venice Art Biennale 2015, Les Joynes USA, German artist Christian Faubel and French artist Alexis Paul. Davaa’s sounds are minimal, include ethnic elements that are pure and powerful. Besides working on sound art, Davaa has also experimented with mixed media works and short films.