Born in 1983, DAVAASUREN DAMJIN is a Mongolian throat singer and flutist who has been performing for over 15 years. In addition to a well rounded and extensive background in the performing arts from attending the Zavkhan Province Music and Dance Middle School and graduating the State University of Arts and Culture in 2007 as a music teacher, Davaasuren has significant experience as a performer, winning gold, silver and bronze medals in numerous music competitions in Mongolia.

Davaasuren currently works as a throat singer at the Tumen Ekh State Ensemble, as a music teacher and board member at the International Khoomei School, and as the director of Mongolia Steppe Art LLC. He also worked and studied in South Korea as part of the Cultural Partnership Initiative where he performed with artists from Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Ecuador, Kenya and South Korea and studied in Inner Mongolia.

Davaasuren has performed in many stages, concerts, and festivals both in Mongolia and abroad, such as the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, the Jeju Island Festival in South Korea, performed in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates through invitation of the ruling Sheikh of one of the Emirates, participated in the Spring Festival in Japan, the Dialogue and Harmony, Spiritual Voice of the Hearts, and Folk Arts performances in South Korea, performed in Inner Mongolia accompanying the renowned singer G.Byambajargal and renowned musician Ts.Chuluuntsetseg, performed in Russia in Cities including Yakut, Ulaan-Ude, Kalmykia, and Moscow, and participated in the Together for a Clean and Green Ulaanbaatar, a performance which was organized by the Norweigan NORAD Music Agency, the President’s Office of Mongolia, the Mongolian government, and the World Bank.