Born in 1986, UNDARMAA ALTANGEREL is a state-recognized throat singer and is one of the most renowned female throat singers in Mongolia. She graduated with a degree in the Zither from the Music and Dance College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Studies and as a Researcher of Throat Singing from the National University of Mongolia and a Master’s Degree in South Korean Traditional Arts and Traditional Arts Theory from the South Korean National University.

Undarmaa has worked as a throat singer at the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academic Ensemble since 2006 and worked at the National Theatre of South Korea part of the Cultural Partnership Initiative.

In recognition of her merits and accomplishments in the fie1d of traditional Mongolian throat singing, Undarmaa has been awarded an Orchestra Musician Gold Medal in 1999, a Gold Medal from the World Melody International People’s Art Festival in 2005, a Gold Medal from the 3rd Dyhanie Zemli Festival, the Grand Prize of the Khovd Province Throat Singing Festival in 2006, was a recipient of the Prime Minister of Mongolia’s Prize in 2006, and the Bronze Medal from the Tuurian Tuvurguun International Festival in 2007. Undarmaa has also participated in the U-A1tai Forum in Seoul representing Mongolia in 2009, participated as an assistant director of the Mongolian Fo1k Musical Ulemjiin Chanar (Perfect Qualities) in 2013, and was awarded the medal Leading Artist of Culture in Mongolia in 2013.

Undarmaa has extensive experience performing independently and as part of an ensemble both domestically and abroad, including Spain, Russia, China, Taiwan, and South Korea.